Fundraising Progress Bar

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Fundraising Progress Bar Drives Maximum Results

Setting a goal is the best way to strive to achieve it. Our fundraising progress bar helps communicate the overall goal of the organization.
fundraising progress bar

Progress Bar

Our Fundraising Progress Bar Communicates The Goal

A simple but effective tool to help the fundraising organization achieve their goal.

Achieve Maximum Results

progress bar

Fundraising Progress Bar

Shows the overall progress of the fundraising campaign.

Fundraising Purpose

Communicate to their supporters what they are raising money for. Helps to convince them to purchase.

Fundraising Progress Bar Looks Even Better On Mobile

Our templates are designed with mobile being the priority. A majority of the sales on our platform is on mobile. 

Hands down the best platform on the market to grow your fundraising, market your business and make a positive impact in your community.

You simply share the link, shop, add products to the cart, pick the team member you want to support at checkout and pay online.  It's that easy!

fundraising progress bar on mobile

Marketplace Feature

Create a listing on our marketplace and start booking campaigns right away.


You'll receive a free listing on our marketplace once you've enrolled onto our platform. Check out our marketplace.

Countdown Timer

Countdown timers provides a sense of urgency to the fundraising organization's team members and it's supporters.

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Watch the demo video and see how your company can have success on our platform – vendors just like you who are looking for new ways to market and grow their sales.