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Manage Your Products With Ease.

Easily manage your products with our product editor.
manage your products


Take Total Control of Your Products

Our product editor gives you the power to make any changes you need to make on each of your pop-up stores. 

Manage Your Products

Update each of your products with the following options; Multiple Images Descriptions Price Categories Tags Variations Upsells Cross sells Stock and more!

Turn Off Products

Can no longer get a product? No problem, just turn it off and your customers won't be able to order it anymore.

Adjust Commissions

Add or adjust your commissions in either $ or % for each product on your guide.

Manage Your Products From Our Dashboard

We've developed our platform so you can upload all your product information and have it go live at the press of a button. Need to change an image, description or a price? No problem, you can go back in anytime from our dashboard and make the necessary changes and have those changes reflected right away on your live pop-up store.

Add a new product

Customize Each of Your Products

Manage your products on what we call your master template. Keep them up to date and then when you launch a new campaign, your new store will be ready. If you do need to make changes, it's as simple as going to your new store and make the changes you need.

Make Your Pricing & Commission Adjustments in Bulk

Do you want to make pricing and commission changes on each store? It's easy, just click on the "adjustments" tab on the dashboard and you'll be able to make all the changes on one page without having to go to each product individually.

Adjustment page

Fundraising Reports

Our fundraising reports are essential to your success in helping you manage your new business.


You'll receive a free listing on our marketplace once you've enrolled onto our platform. Check out our marketplace.

Custom Branded Store

We customize our beautifully designed templates to represent your brand as well as the fundraising organization.

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Watch the demo video and see how your company can have success on our platform – vendors just like you who are looking for new ways to market and grow their sales.