Multiple Pop-Up Stores

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We Make It Easy To Manage All Your Pop-up Stores.

We create pop-up stores for each of your fundraising campaigns.
pop-up stores

Pop-Up Stores

We Customize Each of Your Pop-Up Stores

You're in complete control over your pricing and your commissions for each campaign you launch. 

Unlimited Stores

We create pop-up stores for each of your fundraising campaigns.


We customize each store to represent your brand and feature the fundraising organization your raising money for.

No Login or Codes Needed

We can track the sales of each team member without the need to login or having to enter any codes. Simply share the link and shop!

Here's How to Launch Pop-Up Stores

Step-by-Step Quick Overview

  • Step 1 Launch campaign by filling out all the information in the campaign portal.
  • Step 2 We build a custom pop-up store for your new campaign.
  • Step 3 You adjust the pricing and commissions for your new store. Add tracking links for each team member if they want to track the sales individually.
  • Step 4 Have your fundraising coordinator share the link and ask their supporters to shop.
customize pop-up stores

Select Your Pop-Up Store

Each of your pop-up stores are available from a drop down under the "My Pop-up Stores" folder. Select the dashboard option in the flyout to be able to make adjustments to your products or add tracking links before sending the link out to your fundraising group.

Select your store

Campaign Management

Setup all your campaign information in our campaign management portal.


You'll receive a free listing on our marketplace once you've enrolled onto our platform. Check out our marketplace.

Fundraising Reports

Our fundraising reports are essential to your success in helping you manage your new business.

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