Launch Your Online Fundraising Business

Take your fundraising business to a whole new level. Shop My Fundraising platform makes switching to online easy, fast and effective.

Manage Your Products

Creating your products is a breeze with our simple to use product editor. Watch your products go live with the click of a button. Managing them is even easier!

Use Our Mobile Friendly Template

We design your company template with your brand. We then duplicate it and customize it for every campaign you launch. No more technical headaches!

Launch Your Next Campaign

Fill out all the information in our campaign portal. We'll setup your store and load it onto your account. You manage your product pricing, commissions and tracking links. Share a link and shop - it's that easy.

Fundraising used to be way too difficult - we make it easy.

Until now it was difficult to get a store up and running. How do you manage selling to different groups on the same store? Customers have to either login or use a code before they can even shop. Wrong codes or login problems result in a poor overall user experience.

Now you can launch your online fundraising business quick and easy. We create a customized ecommerce pop-up store for each of your campaigns. Share the link and let your customers shop, it’s that simple. 

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How To Fundraise Online.

all the tools you’ll need to launch your online fundraising business in one convenient dashboard.


Our Dashboard Makes It Easy!

Manage all your products and campaigns in our easy-to-use dashboard. Online fundraising has never been this easy.

Campaign Management

Setup all your campaign information in our campaign management portal.

Multiple Pop-up Stores

We setup each of your fundraising campaigns with their own pop-up store.

Fundraising Reports

Our fundraising reports are essential to your success in helping you manage your new business.

Manage Your Products

You have complete control over your products on every pop-up store you launch.


Market Your Brand and Make a Positive Impact

We build your corporate template to feature your brand


We customize our beautifully designed templates to represent your brand as well as the fundraising organization.

Social Sharing

Social sharing button makes it easy to spread the word.


Create a listing on our marketplace and start booking campaigns right away.


All The Tools You Need To Maximize Your Sales

We've built the following features to help boost your sales and really grow your online fundraising business.

Progress Bar

Track the progress throughout the campaign to help your fundraising organization reach their goal.

Countdown Timer

Countdown timers provides a sense of urgency to the fundraising organization's team members and it's supporters.

Upsell Your Products

List your upsell and cross sell products to display to increase your profitability.

Tracking Links

Give your customers the ability to pick a team member to support when they're checking out.

Now you can create a customized ecommerce pop-up store for each of your campaigns quick and easy. Share the link and let your customers shop, it's that simple! 

6 Easy Steps
On How To Fundraise Online

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With our 6 steps on how to fundraise online guide in hand, you’ll be sure to supercharge your business and market your brand with fundraising! This checklist is based on the success of our current partners using our platform – vendors just like you who are looking for new ways to market and grow their sales. 

Our team further expanded this guide with inputs from our own experiences, experiments and trials running campaigns for growing our own business. The steps in this guide are 100% practical, coherent and results oriented. 

Shop My Fundraising, an online fundraising platform, offers vendors the ability to go completely online and run many fundraising stores at the same time. As a business owner or marketing professional, you know that every business relies on efficient marketing for robust growth. Helping your community raise money is now part of the modern B2C marketing strategy. That’s why you’ll need a guide on how to fundraise online effectively and efficiently to achieve optimal results.

Benefits of Online Fundraising

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Watch the demo video and see how your company can have success on our platform – vendors just like you who are looking for new ways to market and grow their sales.