How To Manage Your Fundraising Campaigns

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A New Way To Manage Your Fundraising Campaigns.

our campaign portal helps you manage your fundraising campaigns so you can easily grow your fundraising business.
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Manage Your Fundraising Campaigns in Our Portal

Our campaign portal is like a customer relationship manager built for fundraising. 

Campaign Information

Register the information about your new campaign in our portal. All the questions you need to ask a fundraising coordinator is there for you to start a new campaign.


We take all the information you put into your portal, and then we build a pop-up store for your new campaign and load it onto your account within 48 hours.

Campaign CRM

Keep all your campaign information organized in one convenient place as you grow and you'll be able to download it for future reference.

Start A New Campaign

Answer all the questions in the campaign portal to launch a new campaign. You'll be able to manage your fundraising campaigns by sorting your records by timeline, start date, delivery date or campaign progress.

Your campaign name will also be used as your link for the new pop-up store. You’ll need to upload the fundraising organization logo so we can customize the site. 

You’ll need to gather your start date, end date, and delivery date. You’ll have the ability to sort your campaigns according to your dates and campaign progress. As you grow your fundraising business, the portal will be crucial to keeping you organized.

Keep all your contacts up-to-date for each of your campaigns. You’ll be able to download all your records so you can follow up for additional future campaigns.

Campaign Portal

Tracking Links

Give your customers the ability to pick a team member to support when they're checking out.


You'll receive a free listing on our marketplace once you've enrolled onto our platform. Visit our marketplace.

Multiple Pop-Up Stores

We setup each of your fundraising campaigns with their own pop-up store.

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