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Easily Track Team Member Sales Without Logging in

We can track team member sales without having your supporters login or having them enter special codes.
track team member sales

Tracking Links

We make it easy to Track Team Member Sales

Our fundraising reports make it easy to manage your new fundraising business!

Access Your Team Member Tracking Links From Our Dashboard

Adding Tracking Links Is This Easy!

You can either write the names in line by line, or separate the names by commas if they're on one line, or you can copy the names from one excel column and paste. Track up to 2000 individual team members.

team member tracking

How It Works Section On The Store

We list this section on every store so your supporters know what to do.

How it works section

Select Team Member At Checkout

Your fundraising supporters can pick who they want to support at time of checkout. Teams under 25 members will show up as a drop box to pick from. Teams and organizations over 25 members will be a search box to search from.

Checkout with team tracking links

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